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Ear savers help those wearing masks for long periods of time and are also useful for adjusting the fit of face masks. Our hand-crocheted ear savers sit comfortably behind your head, securely holding your face mask in place and taking pressure off of your ears. 

There are eight colors to choose from, each with a beautiful button pattern. Button patterns will vary with each ear saver and may not be as shown in the photos.

  • How to wear: Wrap the elastic loops of your face mask around the buttons of the ear saver. Adjust the strap to the crown of your head or nape of your neck.
  • Materials: Ear savers are made with a cotton/acrylic mix yarn. The yarn is flexible and will stretch out during and after wearing your ear savers.
  • Washing Instructions: We recommend hand washing your ear savers and laying flat to dry. Do not bleach. Do not iron.


Sizing and Pricing:

4 inch - $4.50

5 inch - $5.50

6 inch - $6.50

Measurements are approximate and vary slightly based on the yarn. 

To ensure the best fit, we recommend putting on your mask and having a friend assist in stretching the ear loops beyond your ears. The friend would then measure the distance from ear loop to ear loop around the back of your head. Keep in mind that crocheted ear savers stretch when wearing.