Ear Savers - For Pony Tails

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Ear savers help those wearing masks for long periods of time and are also useful for adjusting the fit of face masks. Our hand-crocheted ear savers sit comfortably behind your head, securely holding your face mask in place and taking pressure off of your ears.

These ear savers are made with a slit in the center so they can be worn with hairstyles like pony tails or buns.

There are eight colors to choose from, each with a beautiful coordinating button. Buttons vary with each ear saver and may not be as shown in the photos.

  • How to wear: Wrap the elastic loops of your face mask around the buttons of the ear saver. Adjust the strap to the crown of your head and around your updo.
  • Materials: These ear savers are made with a cotton/acrylic mix yarn. They are made with double yarn strands to reduce stretching while wearing. 
  • Washing Instructions: We recommend hand washing your ear savers and laying flat to dry. Do not bleach. Do not iron.


Sizing and Pricing:

6 inch - $8.00

Measurements are approximate and vary slightly based on the yarn. Keep in mind that crocheted ear savers may stretch slightly when wearing.